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Get rid of DRM protections for songs bought on iTunes


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iTunes is an incredible platform that helps you organize your music and video library as well as browse new music releases, giving you plenty of tools to discover new songs, artists, and get new music directly from its interface. The only drawback is that all the files you buy from iTunes can only be played on devices that are compatible with iTunes, excluding players that aren't made by Apple or smartphones that use the Android operating system.

NoteBurner ITunes DRM Audio Converter For Windows solves this problem. With this app, you can finally get rid of the protections embedded in music files that you've paid for on iTunes.

Using NoteBurner ITunes DRM Audio Converter For Windows is very simple. All you have to do is select the iTunes songs you want to unlock and click 'Convert' to start the process. In just a few seconds, the DRM protections will be removed from your favorite songs and you'll be able to use them wherever you want.

Listen to the songs you've paid for on any device or share them with your friends without any limitations thanks to NoteBurner ITunes DRM Audio Converter For Windows.